Pharaoh’s Pleasure Barge


Pharaoh’s Pleasure Barge is a limited Edition print. Each print is made with light fast inks and printed on 305gsm museum quality Hahnemuhle fine art paper. The quality is exceptional and if framed with acid free mount card and board will retain its detail and colour for around 200 years.

Each print is signed and numbered and delivered in an extra thick custom made mailing tube.

 Pharaoh’s Pleasure Barge

Boats were the most important means of transport in ancient Egypt such as ferries for the ordinary people and great barges that carried masonry stone and obelisks. There was the vessel which carried the sun god Ra from east to west each day and the ferry that conveyed dead souls into the under world.

Boats were also used for hunting and recreation and the pharaohs loved their pleasure boats. The largest had several decks containing cabins, kitchens, dining rooms.

A scribe once advised a gloomy king Sneferu
“Thy Majesty should go boating on the lake, and let the rowers be the prettiest girls in your harem. It will delight your heart to see them splashing the water where the birds dive and to gaze upon the green shores and the flowers and trees. I myself will go with you.”